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CPAP & BiPAP Repairs/ Servicing:
We can fix or replace your CPAP for less than a new one

We at Advans CPAP are pleased to offer CPAP and Bilevel machine repair/ servicing for anyone in need. Once all required information is submitted in the form below, we can let you know within 1-2 business days if your machine qualifies for a CPAP repair. If you prefer to speak with a live CPAP repair technician right away, feel free to call us during normal business hours (information located at bottom of the page). We actually do answer the phone and/or return calls.

We are a factory authorized service center. There is no need to wait 3-4 weeks for a simple repair estimate especially in the case of Resmed CPAP machines. This means after receiving any broken CPAP, we can provide a free evaluation and free repair estimate within 1-2 business days as repairs and servicing are all done on site.

There is a possibility of a full replacement of your current equipment if the machine is less than two years old. For these newer CPAP machines such as Philips Respironics or ResMed, we usually can have it ready within one week to ship out to you!

Regardless of where the problematic equipment was initially obtained, we can help. No more need to chase down your original CPAP dealer, who gives excuses and is always difficult. Save yourself headaches and let us handle it for you. Click here for more details about common issues with machines.

Submit your information or call us today so we can get you back to a restful night of sleep once again.

California residents from Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and Orange County are welcome to bring your broken CPAP machine to our local office in Southern California. Sometimes we can even repair your CPAP machine while you wait!

* For your convenience, Advans CPAP offers rental CPAP/ APAP machines. If your servicing is expected to take more time than you would like to be without a machine, we can supply a unit for use in the meantime. Please see the blue navigation button on the right to the rental CPAP machines.

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Note - By federal law, in order to purchase a CPAP machine, BiPAP machine, Auto CPAP machine or heated humidifier a valid prescription from your physician that is less than one year old is required. Sleep study reports are not acceptable forms of Rx's.  Within 48 hours of placing an order, please fax your prescription to 267-295-8736.   

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