CPAP Repair - My CPAP machine is broken!

Posted by Advans CPAP Staff on 7/16/2017 to Articles
So your CPAP or Bilevel machine is broken and needs repair? Let’s first talk about some of the most common issues people have with their CPAP machines. “Service required” showing up on Philips Respironics 50 / 60 Series or Respironics M-Series CPAP machine displays are probably what we currently encounter the most out of all CPAP repair inquiries. For the Philips Respironics 50 / 60 Series line of CPAPs, when you try and power the unit up, the motor will briefly attempt to spin and then stop. It will cycle on /off several times and then the display will flash “service required” along with a beeping chime. This typically means the blower motor will need replacement even though it seemed to operate completely normal the previous night. When this same symptom occurs on a Respironics M-Series CPAP, the majority of the time the component which regulates air pressure is corrupt. Replacement of the component will be needed to correct the issue. Whenever there is a loud noise such as scraping or roughness coming from the CPAP, it is caused by the motor as it’s the only moving component in CPAP machines. These noises are typically caused from a sudden impact such as a machine falling off a nightstand and hitting the floor. It can also be from either external dust or moisture contamination from an attached humidifier. Normal wear and tear on motors will be problematic over the years of nightly use as well.

Feel free to post a question or comment about CPAP repairs or your CPAP that is malfunctioning.

More information will be posted about common CPAP machine problems and repair in future blogs. Check back soon!


Mitch Newton
Date: 7/11/2018
How can I get the blower assembly for a P560 Sleep Mapper?
Kathleen saunders
Date: 12/8/2021 6:20:42 PM
My teamed clap says motor expired life?
Michael Hirschmann
Date: 12/2/2021 6:58:06 PM
I have a Dreamstation auto bipap system. It started making a clicking sound 2 nights ago and is keeping my girlfriend awake. Sounds like the motor bearing is on the way out. What would it cost to repair the system and what time frame will it take. I (both of us) can't sleep without my system.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 1/29/2019 10:46:00 AM
Hello, We can replace the blower motor on that unit if you wish. Please contact us directly if you haven't already. Thank you.
Ann Jefferson
Date: 4/2/2019
I have the Philips respironics dreamstation. Auto cpap. I woke this morning to discover the blower is going (loud ,) but no air going to the mask. Wondering what that could be. Everything is attached etc and how would I repair it
Date: 4/23/2023 8:47:50 PM
First thing I would check is your hose for leaks, and if you still get good airflow from the air outlet (without the hose attached).
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/2/2019 11:03:00 AM
Hello, Most likely the the Philips Respironics CPAP machine is loud and not blowing out any air pressure is because the motor has a broken flow connection. This can happen if the machine experienced some kind of sudden impact. Please complete our inquiry form in the CPAP repair navigation tab above and we can begin the process to repair your CPAP. Thank you.
Anil Sosaberg
Date: 4/16/2019
The screen on my CPAP states the heater plate is not working and will be disabled. I use an airsense made by resmed. The machine still pumps air, but my mouth is drier than before. Is this something that can be repaired or serviced? I can't afford to by a new CPAP machine right now.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/16/2019 11:38:00 AM
Hello, Your ResMed Airsense 10 CPAP can be repaired. There are two potential problems that can be causing the error on the display. Most likely, the heater plate has water damage will need replacement. The other issue can be caused by a corrupt main control board. We will not know exactly what the issue is until the unit is examined. Please check your email. Thank you.
Daryl Gonzales
Date: 7/28/2019
My ResMed Airmini Travel CPAP that I just purchased makes a horrible wooshing sound as I breathe. I complained to the the place I purchased from, but they were of no help.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/11/2019 5:21:00 AM
Travel CPAP machine like the ResMed AirMini are loud compared to home units. This is due to less sound insulation and them having smaller motors. The smaller motors have to work harder in order to keep up the proper air flow and volume. The AirMini has a heat moisture exchanger near the mask that creates lots of turbulence sounds as you breathe in and out. This is something you need to be aware of before purchase. Please see the video we created to help demonstrate the travel cpap noise and sound comparisons.
Zhang Yee
Date: 7/28/2019
When I wake up in the morning there are small bits of black greenish colored material in the humidifier chamber. My machine is only 1 year old and I am worried about breathing it in. What do you think it can be and why is it happening?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/11/2019 5:26:00 AM
Those bits may be foam insulation that has deteriorated inside the cpap machine. Typically caused by cleaning devices that uses ozone to disinfect the unit. Unfortunately, the ozone breaks down the insulation and rubber seals inside the unit over time. The foam will be sucked into the motor and damage it.
Date: 9/11/2019
The pressure drops after about 4 hours and I have to suck my breath to get enough air
Steve Kemp
Date: 1/20/2021 10:51:09 AM
I found this issue due to a kink/delamination in the supply hose. I now position the hose so that the soft material in it doesn't collapse on itself. A new hose would probably solve the problem, but I'm big on spending Medicare money as if it were my own.
Smita Kulkarni
Date: 11/19/2020 6:44:54 PM
My CPAP machine functions beautifully on some nights, but on some nights when I start the machine it does not provide enough pressure and I feel suffocated. The company rep has done the control settings and I do not touch them. So I cannot understand why it seems to malfunction even when nothing has changed. I have bought a new mask about a year ago.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/20/2019 1:53:00 PM
Pressure drops can occur when your mask develops a leak when you change positions. Air flow sensors or control boards can be malfunctioning as well.
Monty DiBernardo
Date: 9/11/2019
Primary machine recently started making "wheezing" sound when I exhale. Very annoying. I also have a much older RemStar Plus that has an error code E-35 that I'm interested in having operable again as a back-up.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/20/2019 1:56:00 PM
Wheezing sounds coming from your CPAP is a sign the motor is wearing out. It will need replacement. E-35 error code means the main control board and or motor is bad.
Daniel P.
Date: 9/11/2019
It’s not pumping out enough air to the mask ,it feels like it’s leaking though the back
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/20/2019 2:00:00 PM
Your air filter can be clogged, the motor may have shifted from its mounts or debris is inside the blower unit could be your issue.
Randall Kohn
Date: 11/17/2019
I have a Philips Respironics REMstar Auto A-flex that has gone into “service required” error for the second time. I was able to get it to reset by unplugging and holding and releasing buttons but I did not write the sequence down properly and now I cannot reset it this time. Could you give an old guy some advice? I really don’t have the money for a new sleep study and equipment. I realize my equipment is old, but I’m pretty desperate. Thank you if you can offer DIY advice.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 11/17/2019 3:22:00 AM
"Service required" is indicative of a component failure unfortunately. The only way to correct it is to replace the failed part. It would either be the control board or motor.
Date: 11/17/2019
This machine was supplied by the VA. It called for a servicing so when I took it in they just replaced with a newer model. I was told to throw this one in the trash even though it still worked. I have a cabin in a somewhat remote area where I go for 3 days every week. I had packed it there since I first had it. When I receiver the new one I have kept this one there. The electricity is from a utility, not a generator, so it is stable. I have the data card still in the machine. The machine won't start by pushing button. After several tries with the digital output cycling, the beeper continuously beeps. Then I have to unplug it and restart the cycle. If I put the mask on and breath deeply, it will start after about 6-10 tries. Then it works well all night, as long as I keep it running. If I don't then the starting problem is the same. Thanks
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 12/4/2019 11:39:00 AM
When the unit cycles on and off attempting to boot up, that is a sign a component has failed. Depending on the machine it could either be a motor, control board or flow meter.
Eric Melanson
Date: 12/4/2019
I have had my Resmed S9 crap unit for about 9-10 years and it has run faultlessly. Last night, I went to power on the unit and it was completely dead. No power, lights or anything. Holding down the power button did nothing. The power strip into which the unit is connected is fine as well. Would it be reasonable to order a replacement power supply to see if this is the issue? Amazon sells them and if that isn’t the problem, I can return it. Only thing I can think of as no malfunctions of any kind occurred prior to this. Thanks Eric Melanson
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 12/4/2019 11:43:00 AM
Check to see if the green LED light on the power supply is working when plugged in.
Timothy Joseph Hoban
Date: 1/15/2020
My cpap is making a noise like motor is trying to work what should I do med 10 please help
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 1/16/2020 6:14:00 PM
Hello, You will need the motor replaced. We can help. Please contact us on how to get it processed.
Timothy Joseph Hoban
Date: 1/15/2020
My cpap is making a noise like motor is trying to work what should I do med 10 please help
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 1/29/2020 5:53:00 PM
Your machine will need a new motor. Please ship it to us so it can be repaired. Call us if you like.
Bruce Nason
Date: 3/31/2020
My philips dreamstation blower seems to function fine, but not getting any humidification and it is set at 5. Hot plate is not getting hot either. The hose is also set at 5. Possible I need a new heated hose. I also use a SoClean, hope that isn't interfering with the hose, although it does not heat without it being installed, which is why I think I need a new hose. Is it possible that something got turned off while traveling with the unit? Pretty sure the settings are the same. If humidification is set at 5 the heat should come on, right? Normally its at 2 or 3. I am pretty handy with electronics and used to doing my own repairs. Hate to shell out $200 for something I can fix myself. I saw the heat plate, looks like an easy change out. Any advice is appreciated.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/6/2020 4:53:55 PM
Yes, it should get hot within 30 seconds if the setting is 5 on the display ( bottom right hand corner with 3 squiggly lines). The heating element in the humidifier is not replaceable on your unit unfortunately.
doug claus
Date: 4/11/2020
my resmed airsence10 elite makes growling noise after starting up approx 4 min.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/13/2020 12:17:27 PM
Your machine will need a new motor. Please ship it to us for a free estimate or for repair. Call us if you like.
richard dill
Date: 4/16/2020
I have resmed s9 autoset. 4 years ago when I got it, the respiratory therapist broke off the right side selector knob. That always annoyed me, but now, I can't see the settings, my doctor retired and turned me over to another physician in the group, the group was purchased twice, and now my physician says she cannot find any records and has no idea how to generate a prescription. To make it worse the medical supplier relocated and I can't remember the name. If I could jut read the current settings I would be so glad. Can this knob be replaced?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/24/2020 1:22:11 PM
Yes, the knob can be replaced. If the metal shaft that the knob is pressed into is missing, then you will need a new control board as the shaft is part of it.
Gustavo Mendoza
Date: 4/16/2020
1. Machine sometimes does not want to turn on or takes a a couple of seconds to get full power. 2. When machine turn on the air flow is very high. I put on the mask and it does not let me exhale out the air. It pushes the air very fast that I am not able to exhale out. It all happened after I dropped it one time. This machine has never dysfunction before.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/24/2020 1:28:51 PM
The main control board has integrated flow sensors on them and is typically what regulates airflow depending on the make and model. Older CPAP devices will have stand alone air flow sensors. If your unit is blowing out unusually high pressures after having an impact, the air flow sensor is most likely damaged. If your sensor is part of the main control board, the board will need to be changed out.
Rudolph Sadler
Date: 4/16/2020
My machine is a Philips responics Remstar Pro C Flex+ System1. I purchased it in 2011 and it has performed quite well I guess until now. I'm in the process of getting another but have to jump through all the hoops and obstacles of new prescription etc. I have a maintenance background(not much for electronics) and I feel as if I can repair most anything that runs. I have taken the CPAP apart and thoroughly cleaned it and reassembled. I was a little surprised by the good condition it was in! OH I was getting the SERVICE REQUIRED signal on the display with the beep,beep and if I depressed the control knob the light would go out but continue the beeps. I've been without the machine 12 nights now and don't really want to spend a lot of money on it but it would be nice to have it in run condition as a spare and I would consider leaving it at my Daughter's to use when I travel there to see my GRANDSON(one and only grandchild). Could you impart to me a simple way to check it so I could tell if it is the PCA board, Power Supply, Fan Motor etc. Shipping to your place I believe would be a little cost prohibitive for me. Thank you and let me know if you can help me or not.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/24/2020 1:58:12 PM
"Service required" error messages are displayed on Philips Respironics 50 / 60 series and older M-Series models only. This error message normally indicates there is a faulty component in your CPAP machine. An example of how to interpret this is like a check engine light flashing in your vehicle. The car will need to be scanned for codes. Those error codes will then need to be interpreted as to what components are faulty. This is how your CPAP errors are read as well - via codes downloaded using our testing system. With that said, your unit has two main components, the main PCA and motor. Normally it is either one or the other, but rarely both. There is no simple way to check on your side without the proper testing equipment.
Date: 4/24/2020
I completely screwed up and added far too much water to my water chamber. My Phillips Respironics System One ran for a night w/ that issue in place, before I realized what I'd done. Now my display reads Service Required, and the blower won't work.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/24/2020 2:03:13 PM
The blower motor may be water logged and has seized up. It is something we can take care of for you quickly.
Date: 5/7/2020
My Philips Dreamstation stopped working and gave me a " Service Required " message code 100518-04704 ( Is this a part number ?)
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/7/2020 3:26:23 PM
No that is not a part number. It is used during diagnostics with the factory. We troubleshoot with other codes that are logged into the unit our system can pull from the device once in hand.
Larry Maiers
Date: 5/9/2020
I have a Philips Respironics C pap REMstar Auto A-Flex REF 550P. Air flow is good when I inhale but the machine bogs down when I exhale. Motor then seems to labor. If I resrict air flow at end of hose motor labors & I can hear slow down. Does motor need to b replaced? Thanks. l
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/11/2020 11:17:34 AM
Yes, the motor could be bad or your air filter / intake is clogged.
Date: 5/14/2020
My CPAP making a loud noise when I inhale. Sounds like an air leak of some sort. I already tried replacing the output tube that has a plastic gasket where the humidifier interfaces with it on the inside and where the breathing tube attaches to it on the outside, but this doesn’t fix the loud noise it makes when I inhale.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/18/2020 11:36:31 AM
Try isolating where the noise could be coming from. Start from the mask and remove each component from the air circuit until you can tell the source is coming from.
Date: 5/14/2020
During use of the CPAP in Germany the power outlet converter failed and the CPAP stopped working. Upon return to US I replaced the ac power adapter and repowered the CPAP. The screen lights up and message reads “check power” . The air blower / fan is not running.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/18/2020 11:38:29 AM
Make sure the power supply you purchased is identical to the original. After market power supplies may not always work.
Jer Bovin
Date: 5/14/2020
90 w AC adapter stopped working. LED light doesn’t come on. No problems with the electrical outlets. I used battery adapter successfully so it isn’t a machine problem. Thank you!
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/18/2020 11:40:38 AM
Some power adapters will have a green LED indicator light on them. If yours does, make sure it is on once plugged in.
Raymond De Rousha
Date: 5/15/2020
I have a REMstar Auto M series. It has low pressure. I tested it by booking my hose to the inlet hole to the air chamber - full pressure. Hook it up normal - no pressure.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/18/2020 11:33:23 AM
With your issue, it is difficult to determine what may the issue with your device without measuring the actual airflow coming out. It could be some clog or blockage inside the unit.
Raymond De Rousha
Date: 5/15/2020 8:34:08 PM
Follow up- I changed the setting from auto pap to CPAP, and changed the pressure to my prescription. I am ordering a new one.
Date: 5/22/2020
I have a REMstar Auto M Series Model #511M. It fell off the table onto the floor. Everything still works, except it always blows at 100%, never less. If it was a motorcycle I'd say the throttle was stuck on full. What might be the fault causing this? Thank you!
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/26/2020 5:50:49 PM
You could not. It would need to be checked for error codes logged into the unit on our side. Once noted, we would know what component is faulty.
Date: 5/25/2020 3:34:16 PM
How could I refine the diagnosis? Do you sell the part/s I need?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/25/2020 10:18:20 AM
A faulty control board or flow meter.
Clement Sciammas
Date: 5/23/2020
My airmini stopped powering on. Last time i tried to use it the light above the start button was flashing green while the airmini logo on the unit was flashing blue. Now it doesn't even power up.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/25/2020 10:19:39 AM
You may want to try a new power supply first.
JERRY Foster
Date: 5/25/2020
My fisher and pakayal icon plus flashes on and off and wont power up. It just keeps flashing on and off in a cycle
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/25/2020 10:24:52 AM
It could be the motor or control board issue. Unfortunately, we do not service those units as the manufacturer does not offer repair parts.
Larry H Tucker
Date: 5/27/2020
I have a 3 year plus Dreamstation and the day after I cleaned it with probably toooo much water, it only blows at a high level and displays the Service needed on the display. Can you give me an idea of what my costs will be? Prefer to NOT send it in if we/you already know your cost to repair will be too much with limited Social Security only income. Larry Tucker [email protected] 201 307 8888 cell
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 6/4/2020 4:48:04 PM
The cost to repair would be 150-250.00 depending on the exact model you have.
Jacob Ryan
Date: 6/4/2020
After a few hours devices cycles off and on a few times trying to restart and then beeps steadily and service required shows on screen. Unplug and replug and it usually works again for a few hours but then same issue happens again. Has been steadily getting worse over past 2 months. Device has 16400 therapy hours in total so far.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 6/24/2020 2:53:04 AM
It is probably the control board, but may be the blower.
Corbosiero Lopez
Date: 6/4/2020
I bought a new one in April of this year. I put this one in the closet. I got a new PT night job and I want to use it. I plugged it in and it wont start. It just shows a number "17147" in the electric window. Can you fix it?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 6/24/2020 2:54:11 AM
The error is not valid. Please recheck.
Dean A.
Date: 6/4/2020
Gradually over time, my machine has balked more and more at starting up when my breathing should be triggering it. The machine will make noises like it is trying to start, and that is accompanied by sporadic beeps. Sometimes that happens a few times, then it starts. Once it starts, it never quits until I turn it off. It has never quit once it got going. Frequently now, it does the above routine several times, then begins making constant repeated beeps at a regular interval, like every second or two. The readout says "needs service." Since this isn't my first tech rodeo, I then go to the time-honored unplug routine. I pull the power cord out, wait about 60 seconds, re-plug-in. Generally, it will start (usually after more fits and starts) after that. But now, I am having trouble trying to coax it into working, period.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 6/24/2020 2:56:06 AM
The flow sensor on the main PCA could be causing start up issues.
Date: 6/4/2020
The "on" button does not turn the machine on so I am unable to check anything or use the machine. However, a week or so before it quit, my daughter stayed overnight and declared either the machine or I was making so much noise she couldn't sleep.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 6/24/2020 2:58:05 AM
Depending on the make and model of your machine, the switch may be repairable or the control board with a new switch may be needed.
Mark St.Cyr
Date: 6/30/2020
I have a Remstar m series model 100M CPAP machine . When I plug it in all I get is a 300 tand hourglass and 2.3. It wont start. When I presss the power button,I get a 1 with 3 little mountains on the top,then 8.0cm h2o and it cycles like that for about 1 minute . Then both thr ramp and power buttons blink fast and a triangle with an exclamation point is all that is on the screene. Any thoughts? Is it a cheap fix or is the machine trash? Thanks
Mark St.Cyr
Date: 6/30/2020
I have a Remstar m series model 100M CPAP machine . When I plug it in all I get is a 300 tand hourglass and 2.3. It wont start. When I presss the power button,I get a 1 with 3 little mountains on the top,then 8.0cm h2o and it cycles like that for about 1 minute . Then both thr ramp and power buttons blink fast and a triangle with an exclamation point is all that is on the screene. Any thoughts? Is it a cheap fix or is the machine trash? Thanks
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/1/2020 6:07:05 PM
The control board is faulty. There are no replacement parts available for the CPAP.
Pete Baker
Date: 7/1/2020
The blower motor on my ResMed S9 is burnt out. Started to smell a few mins before it quit. Can you install a new motor on the unit, and if so, what is charge. I would like to have when traveling.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/1/2020 6:07:58 PM
185.00 is the fee installed.
Nathan Eric Sommer
Date: 7/24/2020
My Phillips respironics dreamstation abruptly stopped working and now says "Service Required 060316 - 02288. When I try and turn it one it makes a noise like it is trying to turn on then cycles and then I get this code. Can anyone tell me what this code means? Thank you.
Nathan Sommer
Date: 7/24/2020
My respironics machine says "Service Required 060316 - 02288" it is not working. Can anyo E provide insight about what this code means?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/27/2020 6:02:30 PM
It means either the blower or main control board is faulty.
Date: 7/31/2020
My Resmed is displaying error code 006.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/3/2020 3:56:03 PM
It means either the blower or main control board is faulty.
Date: 8/3/2020
I have a Philips Respironics Dreamstation. Inside the humidifier (front), there is a plastic piece: 1115917, which has 2 small prongs that keep the humidifier lid latch in a "ready" position. One of the prongs has broken. the latch is still operational, but not perfect. It could be easily repaired with the appropriate part, but I cannot find the part online. Is the part available? If so, how much does it cost? Any idea of the cost of professional repair?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/14/2020 5:25:15 PM
No we do not carry the item.
Mike Brock
Date: 8/8/2020
I have a Philips Dreamstation that is 3 years old. In the past month I've been waking up gasping and I have to remove the mask to breath and my AHI has doubled. My pressures are set at 7-19 but according to the Oscar program my pressure is only maxing out at 8-12. I can go back in the history and see the night this started. The filters are clean and there are no leaks. Thanks
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/14/2020 5:29:15 PM
If you are positive there are no mask, mouth or air leaks whatsoever, then it possibly can issue with the control board.
Billy Riley
Date: 8/10/2020
Our electricity went out during a storm now machine is flashing service required 062518-04709.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/14/2020 5:29:53 PM
Make and model of your machine?
Paul Kotani
Date: 8/17/2020
I get Service Required Message: 052016-0546 How can I fix this problem? Dreamstation S/N J163377215633 2016-05-04 Reg# DSX400H11
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/19/2020 2:48:09 PM
The unit will need to be sent into us so the error codes can be interpreted. Please submit an repair inquiry in your repair section.
Jim Destino
Date: 8/18/2020
My Phillips resptronic machine just started blowing super hard. It doesn’t slow down regardless of settings...
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/19/2020 2:50:08 PM
Does this this problem happen sporadically during the night or can you replicate the issue the moment it is turned on?
Date: 8/22/2020
I have a Philips resperonics dreamstion cpap.My humidifier broke,so I took it out and tried to use my machine without it.When I took it out and turned the humidifier completely off it stopped putting air to the mask,but the machine is running and turns on.What could be causing this and how do I fiix it?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/25/2020 5:08:39 PM
If you simply removed the water chamber without disconnecting the humidifier section as well from the CPAP, then that would explain the lack of air pressure. It's leaking air.
Brittany Lemons
Date: 8/23/2020
My machine got drenched when a pipe in my ceiling leaked on it two days ago. Now it is doing exactly what you described above. It says System One and Remstar Auto A-Flex — not sure what model that makes it. I need it back in working condition ASAP. What should I do and will it cost me to get it serviced somewhere here in town? I have Medicaid. Wasn’t sure if this kind of thing is covered. Thank you!!
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/25/2020 5:11:05 PM
You can send it in to use for a service estimate. We cannot provide repair quotes for other companies in your area. We do not accept health insurance.
Keith Mayfield
Date: 8/30/2020
Have a Phillips Dream Station. Machine was working fine then the house power went out. When power came back on machine had an error code of 061518-08394 "Service Required" message. Had plenty of power outages before with no problem. Disconnected power and tried again with same results. Machine is only 2 years old. Any ideas?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/1/2020 1:22:42 PM
The control board will most likely need replacement if there was no indication of a failing motor beforehand.
Date: 9/5/2020
I have a Respironics BIPAPAuto M Series with 82 Hours in the blower motor. Woke up to find the unit flashing "Service required". I was able to test the blower motor after taking the unit apart and provided power to the motor and it works fine. So I suspect the control board may need replacement. Any suggestions on how to clear this code or where can I get a replacement board please?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/9/2020 5:33:52 PM
The codes can only be cleared with the factory service software. Control boards for your CPAP have long been discontinued.
Date: 9/16/2020
Constant sound of blowing air from around hole where the tube enters the mask. Phillips respironics dream station.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/17/2020 1:07:20 PM
The mask must be defective if it is allowing more air out than usual. You can purchase a new on our site.
Arthur M.
Date: 10/5/2020
Resmed s8 (i think) auto. The on/off button started needing harder and harder presses to turn on. So for the last year i left it set to on and used an external switch. No problems until i opened the lid to add water while it was on, so it switched off. Now no matter how hard i squeeze the switch down it will not go back on. All switches are lit but don't do anything. Is that just loose wires under the panel? Seems a pity to throw out a machine which works well otherwise, though my dme will probablt send me a new one.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/6/2020 11:23:48 AM
The switch itself is worn and will need to be serviced. We can correct the problem if you are interested. Contact us directly for details.
Lauren Scott
Date: 10/12/2020
My Philips Respironics Dreamstation is displaying the code 02818-08187. This happened when our power was going off and on this weekend during a storm. I would love to know if it can be repaired, or if I need to bite the bullet and get a new one. She (Florence) is close to 3 years old, and I have used her every night (until Saturday). I miss her and just want her back...
Lauren Scott
Date: 10/13/2020 7:01:09 PM
Thank you!!! I will do that now!
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/13/2020 5:41:46 PM
Your unit is serviceable. Please submit and online repair inquiry.
Date: 10/15/2020
I have a Philips Respironics Remstar Pro C Flex+ that is about 1 year old. It works fine until the 4 hour of therapy. When I exhale, the full pressure should come back but it is so weak that it sometimes starts to cut out when I intentially take a deep breath. At first I thought it was mask leak, but I have another older Pro version that I plug into, and that works fine for the reast of the night. I havet tried unplugging thinking that might reset it, but when I plug it back in, it starts up without pushing the start button. There are no error codes that I know of, but somthing isn't working.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/19/2020 5:31:02 PM
Air pressure issues are related to the control board if the motor is functioning properly and there is no obstruction in the air path. We would nee it to be sent in for a free evaluation. Let us know.
Date: 10/17/2020
My dreamstation is showing voltage error. It has been replaced but I would like to try to repair it for backup. I'm guessing a voltage sensor has gone out as I am using the same cord on new one. Where would I look to find the sensor and can it be removed?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/19/2020 5:28:17 PM
Sensors are not replaceable on your unit. The control board would need to be replaced and programmed before use.
Cheryl O'Connor
Date: 10/20/2020
My CPAP is only a month old. I have the Dreamstation. Last night the green power light does not light up. Air is still flowing, and the machine still seems to be working. Before the light went out it was blinking when clicking the info button, it said real quick to replace mask cushions, again my mask and machine are only a month old today. I did recently connect to a So Clean.
Cheryl O'Connor
Date: 10/20/2020
My CPAP is only a month old. I have the Dreamstation. Last night the green power light does not light up. Air is still flowing, and the machine still seems to be working. Before the light went out it was blinking when clicking the info button, it said real quick to replace mask cushions, again my mask and machine are only a month old today. I did recently connect to a So Clean.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/21/2020 4:59:32 PM
It would be in your best interest to have the unit replaced under the 2 year warranty since it is only a month old. Stop using So Clean as it accelerates wear on the internal components of your device.
Date: 10/27/2020
I have a remstar plus m series machine. Last night I unplugged the power cord from the machine and changed the filter. When I plugged it back in the blue lights on the buttons flushed and it beeped , but the machine would not start blowing air. It's been working fine until this. Please help
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/27/2020 5:10:35 PM
It may be a control board or motor issue. Problems can occur without any warning signs unfortunately.
Sheldon Kusselson
Date: 10/28/2020
I have had the same Respironics REMstar Pro m series CPAP machine since 2008. The company that has read my smart card now says that they can do that because the card reader device is discontinued. What would now be the replacement CPAP machine for this discontinued model?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/30/2020 2:53:24 PM
Hello, We have the DreamStation or Airsense 10 listed on our site that would be an adequate replacement.
Kyle Gates
Date: 10/28/2020
Our power went out this morning and when it came back on my CPAP dream station auto 500 was flashing the main screen. When I took out the SD card it displayed a service code. 011618-06770 Can this be repaired and if so how much. Need it back and working ASAP please.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/30/2020 2:55:09 PM
Yes, it can be serviced. Pricing will vary depending on what component in your device is faulty. Call us if you have not already.
Date: 10/29/2020
I have a Respironics Dreamstation not quite 3 years olds, suddenly it is quite loud and very little air coming through the mask. Detached the humidifier and issue is the same. Even without a hose attached there is very little air flow. Absolutely no drops or impacts. Any ideas?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/30/2020 2:56:45 PM
Mostly like is the blower causing the loudness. We can repair the unit quickly if you are interested. Let us know.
Date: 10/30/2020
I have got a phillips respironics dreamStation bipap dom. Power went out, on the screen it shows service required, 040318-03903 code.
Date: 10/30/2020
I have got a phillips respironics dreamStation bipap dom. Power went out, on the screen it shows service required, 040318-03903 code.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/30/2020 4:27:41 PM
Your unit is serviceable. Please complete a repair inquiry so we can process with a repair.
Roger Shenk
Date: 11/5/2020
I have a 7 year old Remstar Plus 250P. It suddenly lost pressure during the middle of the night. It still blows some, but not enough to be used. Do you think it's something I can reset on my own, or does that sound like a repair issue?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 11/9/2020 12:50:59 PM
No, it would be a repair issue.
Date: 11/12/2020
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 11/12/2020 5:58:13 PM
It is a general code. Most likely an internal component is damaged f there was a power surge. We can correct the issue.
James Zdenek
Date: 11/13/2020
I have a Dream station CPAP machine with a code showing 012418-07356 and Service Required on the screen. Does anyone know what has happened or what the code means?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 11/16/2020 5:51:29 PM
The code means there is faulty component in your unit. We can determine the part once it is examined.
Date: 11/19/2020
I have a Dreamstation Auto CPAP. When I plug it in the screen reads: GUI Lib Invalid Req: 45 Loaded: 45 CRC: FAIL. Can't get it to do anything.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 11/23/2020 1:24:47 PM
When the unit displays codes, we cannot tell what exactly is wrong with the cpap. Once we download the error codes logged into the device, we can then know what issues the machine is having. Submit a repair inquiry and get your unit serviced promptly.
Date: 12/2/2020
Dreamstation Auto CPAP control dial turns but doesn’t move through menu. Pushing button still works but can’t scroll at all.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 12/2/2020 5:40:17 PM
The user interface will need replacement. Contact us to have it replaced.
Joe Wood
Date: 12/4/2020
Phillips Respironics Dream Station, 2 years old, household power went out while using. When the power came back on it came up with a “service required 111418-06636” service code. Any ideas?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 12/7/2020 1:58:12 PM
Sounds like you may have a faulty control board due to the power outrage. We can service your unit if you like.
Teresa Perkins
Date: 12/5/2020
Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP DSX500t11c with Humidifier. Machine has power, display works, but when you press power - nothing happens. The display dims a bit like it's going to come on - but never does. It is 4 years old.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 12/7/2020 2:00:31 PM
Does the unit display a message on the screen such as "service required"?
Date: 12/17/2020
Philips Respironics System One. I've had it for 6 years or so. It has run well so far. Recently, it seems like water is coming up the tube and it makes popping noises. I take out the tube and drain the water and it works for another night or so.
Steve Kemp
Date: 1/20/2021 2:13:55 PM
Put the unit lower than your mask and arrange the hose so that condensate drips back down the hose to the supply tank, rather than forming hydraulic lock. I put mine on a 1 ft step stool and haven't had that problem since.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 12/18/2020 3:00:30 PM
What you are experiencing is called "rain-out". Turn down the humidifier setting on your machine or increase the temperature in the room.
Leonard L Mallol
Date: 12/21/2020
Hi, I have REMstartPro M series (Resperonics). The machine fell off chair and fell onto carpeted floor. After, it still works, no error codes, but has loud fan noise (squeal) like the fan is scrubbing against something. Is it something that can be fixed?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 12/28/2020 3:08:36 PM
Yes, it can be serviced. Please submit a repair inquiry to begin the process.
charles fritz
Date: 1/16/2021
I have a Respironics M series BiPAPPlus unit I have had since 2012 a few years back the humidifier unit quit working and the blue light on the control knob just blinks. The main unit is still working just fine even after several trips to China. I have since gotten a Res Med Cpap machine but I always have preferred the Bipap units. My question is are my problems with the humidifier in the humidifier in the pad or the main unit? Thanks for your input.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 1/22/2021 12:25:44 PM
If the blue LED is flashing on the humidifier control dial, that is an indication the issue is with the humidifier heating element. You still can use the humidifier, but just be aware you will not get as much moisture compared to with a working heating element.
Date: 1/28/2021
I have a Respironics Système One bought in 2011 and it worked well until recently. There was a twist in the hose I didn’t noticed and tried to start the machine. It doesn’t start anymore and indicate SERVICE REQUIRED. I sent it to Vitalair in Ontario, but they said they could not fix it because it’s no longer suppoted by respironics, and no parts available. Is there anything I can do?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 2/4/2021 5:58:13 PM
Only parts available left are the motors. Control boards have been discontinued.
Date: 2/4/2021 12:03:14 PM
The serial number is P02781945 BD6B Thanks Martin
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 2/1/2021 1:25:48 PM
What is the serial number on the machine itself so we can look up if repair parts are still available? If the logged errors point to a faulty motor, we can repair it. Control boards are available for the 60 series models, but for 50 series. Let us know.
Ric Brown
Date: 1/31/2021
I have a Respironics Remaster Auto Mseries. I tilted with water in the humidifier and burned the motherboard. Can this be repaired?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 2/1/2021 1:26:38 PM
Unfortunately not, as control boards for that CPAP have been long discontinued.
Date: 2/13/2021
I received a brand new machine and it was fine the first night (last night). Tonight the machine stopped working as soon as it was turned on and gave the error message -00009, started beeping and said “Service Required.” I tried turning the machine off and on several times with no luck. The machine is a Dreamstation serial # J301670339D5C. Pretty disappointing.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 2/16/2021 5:44:36 PM
It would be best you seek a replacement unit since it should be under the 2 year warranty. We can help if you do not wish to go through the original supplier.
Date: 3/14/2021
I have a rested machine and the pressure is not working well.can I replace the motor and how much would it cost?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 3/19/2021 1:13:33 PM
If you have a ResMed S9 or Airsense 10, we can install a new motor for you. The cost is 185.00 - 220.00 depending on the model.
michael mcdougal
Date: 3/14/2021
overfilled my bi-pap// got wet inside// when testing it fails a/b/c/d/e cant get it to turn on. I have a new one, I want this one to run as a back up.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 3/19/2021 1:14:35 PM
Which make and model exactly model did you have?
Date: 3/15/2021
My DreamStation Auto CPAP machine brings up “Service Required” with code 110117 - 03920 whenever I initiate therapy and stops working. What can I do? I write from Lagos, Nigeria.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 3/19/2021 1:17:52 PM
The code does not tell us what component is faulty, but can only be several things: motor, control board or humidifier. The unit's error log can be accessed by a CPAP service center to determine the faulty component.
Jim Parish
Date: 3/19/2021
service required code 030217-07766
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 3/19/2021 1:20:20 PM
The code does not tell us what component is faulty, but can only be several things: motor, control board or humidifier. Please submit a CPAP repair inquiry to get your unit serviced.
Craig Renfrow
Date: 3/23/2021
Phillips Respironics Dreamstation on/off tab does not work .it just makes a clicking noise and is very loose.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 3/25/2021 6:10:00 PM
The power switch on the control board or button itself may be faulty. Either way, the unit can be repaired.
Cheryl Shambaugh
Date: 3/28/2021
I have a Remstat Pro M series that has started making a loud popping noise. Is there anything that can be done to stop the noise?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 3/29/2021 2:13:09 PM
It depends on what the source of the noise is. Was it coming from the machine itself or the mask/tubing?
Date: 4/2/2021
Hello I have a respironics dreamstation. My the screen does not turn on anymore. The engines sounds the same and I feel the air pressure just not like before and wonder why it does not give the proper treatment like before.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/6/2021 6:06:25 PM
The display panel is faulty and maybe the control board as well if the air pressure is not accurate. Check to see if the air filter is not clogged.
Miguel Romero
Date: 4/4/2021
Hello, I have a REMstarAuto M series A-FLEX, but SERVICE REQUIRED appears when I started it, I read that blower motor, control board or humidifier needs to be replaced, would you tell me if motor, control board or humidifier are in stock please? Thank you.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/6/2021 6:07:31 PM
We have new motors in stock. Other items have been discontinued.
Miguel Romero
Date: 4/4/2021
Hello, I have a REMstarAuto M series A-FLEX, but SERVICE REQUIRED appears when I started it, I read that blower motor, control board or humidifier needs to be replaced, would you tell me if motor, control board or humidifier are in stock please? Thank you.
Chris Lidstad
Date: 4/9/2021
I use a Respironics DreamStation BiPAP machine, which quit working suddenly. The screen shows "Service Required" 042818-06894. Is ithe machine repairable?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/9/2021 6:00:52 PM
Yes it is.
Dennis L Probst
Date: 4/9/2021
I have a ResMed Air Curve 10 Vauto It" whines" and when I inhale the" whining" gets louder and when i exhale it gets quieter but it still "whines" can you fix this The machine is only 3 years old
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/9/2021 6:02:01 PM
Whining noises as you breathe in and out of the cpap is a blower issue. We can correct it for you.
Isah Malik
Date: 4/11/2021
Hello, I have ResMed AirSense 10 that has been working perfectly. But of recent if it's connected it displays System fault and refer to user guide, Error 006. But I searched the manual perhaps i could figure what Error 006 signifies but wast there. What can I do pls?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/12/2021 2:01:14 PM
The code refers to a faulty motor or control board. We can repair it for you. Please submit a repair inquiry to get started.
Mujtaba khan
Date: 4/27/2021
I have a philips remstar auto cpap machine itz display is not working but the air flow is comming but the air flow is little low. Nothing is showing on itz display.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 4/30/2021 5:26:20 PM
The control board will need to be replaced. Please contact us to get the machine repaired.
Ken Tam
Date: 5/6/2021
Hello, I've a REMstar Plus Domestic Model No: 1005960. This whining noises occurred when I breathe in and out of the CPAP. It sounds like a blower issue. How can I get it fixed? Thank you.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/7/2021 11:21:04 AM
Repair parts are no longer made for your CPAP.
Date: 5/7/2021
I have a Respironics Dream Station IPZZ it is about 4 years old. when I plug it in it says "Incorrect power supply " . I bought a new power/adapter supply cord. Still doesnt work Help please
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/12/2021 12:02:28 PM
The power supply needs to be an original factory Philips with a neon green colored marking on the plug that goes into the unit. If not, you will have issues powering the unit.
G. W.
Date: 6/15/2021
So there is a recall, because of potentially toxic breakdown/outgassing from sound insulation inside of the phillips cpap machines. Can this sound insulation be removed? Does Advans have this capability? Or are we limited to the recall process? Does Advans expect to have recall work capabilities? I have severe apnea, even when awake... if I lay my head down, I feel like I am drowning immediately. Under the terms of the recall, sleep is not possible. So I'll be dead within a couple weeks if I don't keep using my cpap. And to prevent issues from cpap failures, I have backup cpap machines and I fully intend to be self sufficient at maintaining my systems. But I could ship them in one at a time to be refurbished if that was an available procedure. The good news is I have a background in chemistry, and I knew better than to use a ozone machine to clean my base unit. I use ozone as a cleaning process for other purposes, and it is so corrosive that the thought of running a stream of ozone through my cpap machine on a regular basis is a really bad idea to me, so it is not something I have been doing. In my Ozone chamber I have seen metal binder clips corrode, and some rubbers and plastics too, so it would be foolish to do that to a medical device not designed for it.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 6/16/2021 1:22:52 PM
It can be removed on the System One units, but the trade off is increased loudness. We can do it for you for a fee. We have no expectations from Philip regarding doing any recall work for them. They suggest using an inline bacteria air filter to help catch any debris that may exit the machine outlet if you have to use your device in the meantime.
Steve L
Date: 6/19/2021
I have a Repironics Dreamstation Bipap machine showing service required 122818-05619. If I unplug my machine it will start up and work all night. What does this code mean and is it fixable?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 6/22/2021 11:25:39 AM
The code only means there is a faulty component inside your unit, but nothing specific. Your machine is repairable. Complete our repair inquiry to move forward if you like.
Date: 6/29/2021
Hi Advans staff , in light of the recent Philips issue. Do Resmed Airsense 10 have a similar problem I.e foam breakdown . The company states their safe to use but they Pe and silicone foam in their air paths ; and I have read of complaints of green foam fuzz that was identified as silicone deposits being found in a humidifier tank. Do you have any thoughts on the matter . Thank you
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/1/2021 11:25:04 AM
From our experience, we have only seen similar degradation issues on ResMed units when used with ozone cleaning devices.
Date: 7/5/2021
I have a Philips Respironics REMstar Auto A-Flex. One night I turned it on and it started blowing air at a high pressure like it has never before. So hard it was difficult to breathe with the mask on. What is going on and is there a way I can reduce the pressure? I haven’t been able to use since this started and I need the device for a good nights sleep.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/8/2021 6:28:14 PM
Try pressing the ramp delay button to reduce the air pressure.
Darryl s Stewart
Date: 7/14/2021
I have a Remstar Auto m-series A-flex machine! Was working fine before I stopped using it! Due to recall of my new machine, got this one back out! Can hear motor try to start 3 times then nothing(no air). If I fiddle with controls, Service required pops up on screen! Understand you still have motors, but if it is control board, are they still available for this unit? Model 1051158, see # H002248344.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/21/2021 5:52:55 PM
No control boards are available. If it ends up needing a motor, we can repair it.
Date: 7/19/2021
In a previous comment you mentioned using an inline bacteria air filter for the Phillips machines that have been recalled. What is this and where can I get it ?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/21/2021 5:53:55 PM
Do an online search for CPAP outlet bacteria filter.
John B
Date: 7/20/2021
The pressure on my Philips Respironics constant pressure machine, which I have been using since early 2013, has suddenly dropped to the point where it is not useable. I feel I am suffocating when I use it. I have replaced the filters and mask and have checked the tube for any chinks, to no avail. When I turn on the machine, it sounds normal and seems to be putting out a lot of air. But when I put on the mask I get only very low pressure. Given the machine's age, I assume that some major part is wearing out. I am in the process of getting a new machine, an upgraded model, but the red tape is endless -- including a sleep study that won't take place for at least two week s -- and there is a shortage of new machines across the board in any case due to the Philips recall. Since I have been without the use of my machine for ten days and may well have to wait several weeks at least before I get a new one, I am considering having this one repaired to use in the interim. First, does it sound reparable? Second, how long would the process --shipment, repair, return - take? If it involves replacing a major part, ballpark cost of repair? Cost is not really an issue given the health risks involved otherwise but there are limits. Your best estimate on all appreciated.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/21/2021 5:57:59 PM
We need more details about your machines specifications before being able to answer all of your questions. Please submit a repair inquiry.
Terry Dyczkowsky
Date: 7/28/2021
My dreamstation stopped working and shows a code of 050719-03113 does anyone know what that means
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/2/2021 1:32:42 PM
Dreamstation machines displaying a code only on the screen means there is and issue with your device. Until the error log is downloaded by us after connecting it to our system, we can then tell you what the issue is.
Date: 7/29/2021
Hello Looking at a new. CPAP as Philips are now having issues. Do the Fisher Paykel CPAP units have foam in their air pathways like other machines do . Just thinking of the foam degradation problems that have recently occurred. Cheers Brad
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/2/2021 1:35:47 PM
All cpap machines have some sort of foam in the air pathways.
Date: 8/16/2021
Hello i have a luna 2 stopped working shows error code 75 can it be fixed or u need to buy a new one
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/17/2021 11:12:12 AM
We do not work on those unit.
Lee Gessner
Date: 8/29/2021
Remstar Plus M Series will appears to have faulty internal power socket. When I plug in power the blue light will blink and go out. Continued manipulation causes light to go on and off. Occasionally am able to find a spot where it will power up...once turned off, it will not power up again.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/31/2021 5:47:28 PM
If you have not already tried, try a new power supply. Sockets are not repairable.
Daniel R Weininger
Date: 9/10/2021
I have a Luna E-20A-H-O cpap machine that needs a new fan motor. It squealed a week or so. Then stopped. Can you help me?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/14/2021 2:58:28 PM
We do not service those make of CPAP machines.
Date: 9/20/2021
I have a Phillips Responics system one which iam unable to adjust the humidifier on. The on/off button only allows me to turn the machine on and off and will not allow me to scroll through the different sceeens
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/21/2021 1:16:56 PM
The control board is most likely faulty. It will need to be replaced.
Carole Torres
Date: 10/1/2021
Hello, I have a Respironics DreamStation BiPaP machine that is giving me a error code 102120-02677. My sleep dr office could not help can you? Thank You
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/4/2021 6:12:18 PM
The code only means there is a faulty component inside your unit, but nothing specific. Your machine is repairable. Complete our repair inquiry to move forward if you like.
Date: 10/14/2021
Hello i have RemstarAuto M series with service required error. I checked blower. Blower rotates freely and it looks like new. All device is very clean and looks like new. I know that Philips does not support this device any more. Is there any way to fix this device?
Date: 4/23/2023 8:57:08 PM
Interestingly this machine may qualify for replacement under the worldwide Phillips recall (some restart M machines do) if uou can get it working. Check your serial number on their website. If they do replace it, it is likely you would get a dreamstation 1 with two year warranty.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/14/2021 4:17:40 PM
We can service it if there is an issue with the blower. Any other components are no longer available. Let us know.
Jeff. Luce
Date: 10/28/2021
My machine will start up but quickly shuts the blower down, then beeps, then the blue light flashes. A few moments later it will attempt to start again but with same results. I found if I plug the headgear tube and only let a little air out I can get it to run. When it does run, the heating element for the humidity works fine. I'm only iquiring about this because of the dreamstation disaster that is unfolding. My insurance paid for this machine less than two years ago and not sure yet if they will buy me another one. So I'd like to know if this is something you've had experience with and how much a fix would cost. Thank You!
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 11/3/2021 5:01:58 PM
Which make and model is your machine?
Aaron blackburn
Date: 11/1/2021
My CPAP machine is showing a code of 070118-00018. Any ideas? Phillips respironics Dreamstation
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 11/3/2021 5:00:53 PM
The code does not help us determine what the issue is. It is either going to be the blower, control board or humidifier. We need to read the codes logged into the unit to be able to determine the issue.
Eric C
Date: 12/26/2021
Philips Respronics Remstar Pro C-Flex+ AutoIQ abruptly stopped working in the middle of the night. Looked as if it did a reset but now the screen displays "service required". The #2 is illuminated and the ramp button flashes quickly.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 12/27/2021 6:07:17 PM
Machines displaying a "service required" on the screen means there is faulty component in your device. Until the error log is downloaded by us after connecting it to our system, we cannot then tell you what the issue is. A flashing number around the dial usually means a problem with the humidifier.
Date: 2/1/2022
My Dreamstation is displaying a Service Required message with a code. I am currently waiting for the machine to be replaced as it was a part of the recall....was notified that it's in the warehouse waiting to be shipped whenever they get to it. Will this make me ineligible? I'd hate to pay to repair a machine that's being replaced.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 2/1/2022 5:26:14 PM
No it will not.
Date: 2/8/2022
Hello there I have a dream station CPAP pro , but it shows service required with 020420-02726 code. What is the problem ?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 2/10/2022 4:09:42 PM
You either have a control board, motor or heater problem. The code does not help determine the exact issue.
Barry Reuther
Date: 2/13/2022
I have the phillips system one cpap machine now beeping and stating service required. Where can this service be obtained? Is it worth fixing , its 4-5years old?. Whats the protocal for a replacement? Etc etc. Please help, please advise. Tyvm
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 2/22/2022 6:30:55 PM
We can service the unit and it is worth repairing. Contact us directly for details.
Al Kuhn
Date: 2/15/2022
I have a Resend AirSense 10 Heater not working Turn down lower fixed for a while Now unplugging works but not long
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 2/22/2022 6:32:13 PM
Try testing to see if the "warm up" feature heats up the plate. If it does, your plate is considered to be functioning normally.
Greg Symonds
Date: 2/16/2022
I have a Phillips sleepmapper system one, I have received all the paperwork in relation to repair or replace due to malfunction and particles entering your lungs. I am waiting for this to happen, been over 8 months, I have phoned enquiring, only to be bushwhacked by a angry, unhelpful and rude operator. My machine works perfectly when first put on but same time every night it seems to stop blowing, feeling as tho I am being suffocated, this is at 4am Help me please, they say the best form of advertising is word of mouth and believe me, after the operator I spoke to and the way my machine is working, Phillips is certainly getting plenty of BAD advertising from me Thankyou Greg Symonds
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 2/22/2022 6:34:56 PM
Do you see a "service required" error when you have that issue? If not, there may be a leak occurring during the night which causes the machine to shut off. The power supply could be bad as well.
Aaron Pierce
Date: 2/23/2022
The VA provided me a Philips CPAP machine several weeks ago and it is scheduled for recall. Had been sleeping great for two weeks; suddenly at about 3AM two nights ago I awoke not being able to breathe out. The machine is stuck blowing air and doesn't pause at resistance. The only way for me to breath out is to fight the pressure. This causes a noticeable strained sound to the motor. Not using it now, any idea what's going wrong? I've called the VA and no one likes to return phone calls.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 3/3/2022 5:58:17 PM
Maybe the CFLEX setting has changed so now you feel resistance when you exhale. Check that first.
D. Sachs
Date: 4/25/2022
I have a Resmed S9 that has worked fantastic. I bought it new and only used the humidifier with it for maybe 2 years. I am guessing it is about 7 years old. I have used it without a humidifier ever since then as that works best for me. I change filters regularly and the unit is in a clean environment. It has never been dropped and it seems like new. About a week ago I started receiving the standard “motor life exceeded please see your service provider”. (Wording is very close to this but I’m going by memory). The machine runs perfectly and still runs perfectly even after getting tjis message. I would like to work with you to get this corrected? If I send it to you how should I send it and what is the turnaround time? I need to get it back asap after sending as I need it for good sleep. Can you please also keep my settings as they are in the machine so nothing gets changed with those as they work good where they are and I hate going into my lical medical equipment supplier! I look forward to working with you! Thank you,
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/6/2022 6:07:10 PM
We can service the unit. Contact us directly for details.
Aaron Ford
Date: 6/23/2022
Hello, my Philips Respironics Bipap Pro is blowing the filters out of the machine when I exhale. How can I fix this? Thank you.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 6/24/2022 3:38:58 PM
Makes sure you have the correct sized filters as that would be the only reason it is not remaining in when exhaling.
Bill Offutt
Date: 7/2/2022
I seem to be having a problem with my climate air hose attached to my Aircurve 10 Auto BIPAP. The hose never gets warm as it used to when i call for heating even up to 80 degrees . I"ve tried several replacement climate hoses and none of them heat or get warm as they previously did. I just get blasted with cool air no matter what the heating request is. I suspect the problem is not in the hose. Thanks for your help.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/6/2022 12:08:49 PM
There may be and issue with the internal cable that powers the hose. Normally if there was, an error would be displayed though. It could be an issue with the control board as well.
Brian Ritchhart
Date: 7/8/2022
I am getting service required 102220-03362 I can clear it bit it keeps coming back every 3 or 4 days
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/12/2022 11:10:48 PM
That is a general error code. Either there is an issue with the control board, humidifier or blower unit.
H. Justin
Date: 7/13/2022
ResMesd s10 does not upload data to myAir anymore. Shows no connection on screen. I assume this is because of 3G network shutdown. Just wanted to know if the modem could be replaced.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/25/2022 6:18:05 PM
It can be replaced, but there is a back order with no ETA for that part.
Cliff Blonders
Date: 7/13/2022
Motor noise not resolved by replacing air inlet, humid chamber, hose or cushion. I sense I need a new motor. Are you able to help me?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/25/2022 6:18:32 PM
We do have new motors in stock.
Date: 7/13/2022
Resmed Airsense 10 seems to have a few issues now. One it is making load almost wining noise. Also does not start automatically once a face mask is put on or auto turn off when removed. When testing the fit it will always have the smiley face for good even when the mask is not even on. My first assumption was that the internal motor is going out, was able to take a look and the internal fan does have buildup of dust. Tried cleaning with compressed air but but that did not resolve the issue.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/25/2022 6:19:50 PM
Cleaning out the motor will not resolve the issue. It will need to be replaced with a new unit. Changing the seals is recommended as well since it is apart.
Date: 7/13/2022
I'm unsure of the manufacturer. It says "Philips Respironics" on the top of the machine above the display and "REMstar Auto" below the display and on the decal affixed to the bottom of the machine on which the Serial Number is depicted. It worked fine last night, but when i came back into the bedroom late this morning before leaving for work, I heard a steady "beep, beep, beep'" that sounded like a muted alarm clock alarm. I traced the noise to my CPAP and saw the message "Service Required" on the display. I unplugged it and left it unplugged for about 11 hours while I was at work. When I came home tonight, I plugged it back in and the beeping returned and the "Service Required" message reappeared.
Date: 4/23/2023 9:02:54 PM
I had a problem like that when the data card filled up on the machine. Try reinserting, taking it out or wiping data.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/25/2022 6:21:35 PM
That message displayed means there is faulty component in your device. Either the motor or control board. We can log into the unit once we have it in hand and find out which part is bad.
Janet S.
Date: 7/13/2022
I think that serial number is for the Model: M-Series Heated Humidifier-Dom Model #1051158. That’s the only one I can see. It’s a RESPIRONICS REMstar Auto A-Flex M Series. When I contacted you before, the guy suggested I bypass the humidifier, and that did work for a time. Now I can’t get it to run at all. It seems to try, but the round plug going into the power just doesn’t connect solidly. I’m hoping to get a few more months out of her. I’ll be 65 in September, and I have to wait till then for Medi-Care to help with sleep study & new machine! I’ve tried being off of it for a couple of months, and my body is not happy - no real deep sleep. Should I go ahead and ups the machine to you?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/4/2022 4:51:31 PM
The M-Series repair parts have long been discontinued. We would not be able to service it.
Tanya Parker
Date: 7/18/2022
I have a Phillips Respironics Dreamstation CPAP, and all of a sudden at 2 am, it stops blowing and starts beeping and presenting a service required with code 110617-15992. I have done everything I can think of and I seriously cannot breathe without it at night. I have no insurance and can't afford specialist visit plus a new machine. Please help me!
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/4/2022 4:52:56 PM
Those units are under a current recall. If you contact Philips, they will replace it with a new CPAP machine.
Hugo Diaz
Date: 7/29/2022
Error code 030120-03624 for DreamStation Philips CPAP Please!
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/4/2022 4:54:40 PM
Your machine will either need a new control board, blower or humidifier based on the error code. It is also under recall. The manufacturer will replace it with a new device.
James Boylan
Date: 8/9/2022
How much is a replacement blower motor for a REMstar Plus C-Flex SN P00249866 5748? Thank you.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/25/2022 6:28:35 PM
A replacement blower to repair your CPAP model is currently 185.00 installed. Keep in mind, that unit is under a current recall and should be replaced by the factory.
Travis White
Date: 10/14/2022
My resmed unit is several years old. It recently stopped turning off automatically. It start OK. Can this be fixed? Can I fix it? I am very much a dyi person.
Travis White
Date: 10/14/2022
My resmed unit is several years old. It recently stopped turning off automatically. It start OK. Can this be fixed? Can I fix it? I am very much a dyi person.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/14/2022 5:56:13 PM
If we have parts available, it can be fixed. Submit a repair inquiry and we can help.
Date: 11/10/2022
My phillips resplus shows a motor red warning? What should I do? It started when air pressure was changed.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 11/10/2022 6:25:28 PM
What model did you have exactly so we can better assist?
Peggy Lehman
Date: 4/23/2023
My husband has a Phillips Respironics Dreamstation that has been replaced from the carcinogenic recall. He just received an Service required 022120-09516 message accompanied by beeping. Can you identify what that code means?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 5/13/2023 7:11:10 AM
That message displayed means there is faulty component in your device. Either the motor or control board. We can log into the unit once we have it in hand and find out which part is faulty.
Date: 4/23/2023 9:05:58 PM
It should be under warranty as a swapped machine after recall. Even machine that were out of warranty, then replaced had a new two year warranty in Australia
Howard Smelleric
Date: 7/28/2023
When the button is pressed, it starts, runs briefly, then shuts off. It starts up again and repeats the cycle. Sometimes it does keep running. It seems to shut down because the mask is on.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/28/2023 4:35:06 PM
Always put the mask on first, then turn the machine on. Make sure there are no air leaks in the circuit as well. If the machine still shuts off after doing so, we can repair it.
Stella Waters
Date: 7/28/2023
My refurbished unit a replacement sent to me by the manufacturer because of the recall due to the foam trouble. I purchased a new one to use while this one was being replaced, with cash, not through my insurance company; therefore, I have a CPAP to use while this one is being repaired or replaced. My insurance company Medicare will replace this only after five years. They will pay for any repairs it needs and if it can not be repaired they will replace it at their expense no matter how old it is. My unit which was replaced was purchased in 2020 by Medicare. I used this replacement unit for about eight months with no problem then a bell sound started and the unit shows a error code of: 060121-02425 and it will not come on now at all. I can pay for the costs and get my money back from Medicare or you can bill Medicare directly whatever is best. It is a Respironics/Phillips unit according to the label.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/28/2023 4:36:34 PM
What is the actual question you have?
Hunter David
Date: 7/28/2023
I have the whirring noise when inhaling and exhaling, similar to but quieter than the youtube videos about the pneumatic block / Dying Cow problem with the Airsense 10. It has been doing this for at least two years, and I no longer want to run the fan and podcasts I use as white noise.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 7/28/2023 4:41:00 PM
The motor will need to be repaired or replaced.
Sandra Baker
Date: 8/5/2023
I have a Dreamstation 2 advanced cpap. I have a message low leak check mask and tub for correct fit and check for obstruction. The machine shuts off after 15 minutes, I have replaced the mask and tub It was a replacement for the recall machine.
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 8/8/2023 3:50:17 PM
If you cannot feel any air leak in any part of the circuit, there may be an internal leak. Those unit will have a 2 year warranty and should be sent back to them for replacement.
David Heise Sr
Date: 9/3/2023
I own a legacy (tank type) Respironics RemStar Pro + C-Flex CPAP. Yes, it's old and is, in fact, my 4th unit! I like it because compared to newer units, is much quieter. The former 3 units had developed noisy motors and I chose just to replace because I could not find anyone willing or able to repair them. If and when this current machine begins to be noisy, does your company repair/replace motors? I do maintain a slightly noisy backup unit which lacks the C-Flex settings that I can use in a pinch. Additionally, last night, we were awakened by a series of 3 LOUD beeps. After checking our smoke detectors and CO2 detector which were OK, only the CPAP was left but I can't confirm that. Can the alarm function be tested? Thanks in advance.....
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 9/5/2023 6:31:46 PM
The Legacy unit parts are no longer available and we don't service the blowers. The Pro model, from recollection, does not have any alarm feature.
michel leduc
Date: 9/29/2023
my phillips cpap dream machine suddenly stop blowing air no noise,no air
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/5/2023 6:15:20 PM
There may be an issue with the AC adapter. If the displays lights up, then it may be the blower.
Old Abe
Date: 10/2/2023
I have a Respironics REMstar 1005960 that has been a faithful companion for 21 years and is in need of service. The blower is making a noise that in any other electric motor I would say was a bearing going bad (I'm sure this is more technical, but that's how my mind works), and the pressure is way down. Can this machine still be serviced?
Advans CPAP Staff
Date: 10/5/2023 6:16:07 PM
Parts are no longer available for the unit to be serviced.
Date: 10/8/2023
Thanks for the reply.
Date: 11/7/2023
My CPAP machine got wet while I was traveling. It's not reading my sleep and my automatic adjustment not working.
Date: 11/7/2023
Buzzing noise when inhaling. Increases the harder you inhale and the motor works. Probably need the motor replaced. What is the cost to replace the motor or can I simply buy the motor from you and replace it myself. I would prefer to replace it myself if possible.
Elisa Nicoler
Date: 11/7/2023
Loud squealing noise - constant, with variable volume. Loud enough to awaken me every time I fall asleep.
H. David
Date: 11/7/2023
Sometimes the unit powers up and runs as normal but here lately it just powers up and the airflow does not run and a message appears across the screen that says...Service Required if problems persist please contact Provider. It will not operate 95% of the time, the service required message appears most of the time?
neil rownski
Date: 11/7/2023
Hi builds up pressure works fine then it doesn’t let you exhale breath and then shuts off sounds like air leaking but can’t find also was hard to turn on

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