ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet
ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet

ResMed AirSense™ 11 AutoSet™ w/ Humidifier & Wireless

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Part Number:E0601
  • What's included:CPAP machine, travel case, 6 ft hose, water chamber, power supply, 1 air filter and instructions
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ResMed AirSense™ 11 AutoSet™ offers these premium features:
  • The quiet Easy-Breathe motor makes for a peaceful environment for you and your bed partner.
  • Color touch screen.
  • The SmartStart™ function begins your sleep apnea therapy as soon as you breathe into your mask. When you remove your mask, it stops automatically after a few seconds.
  • The built-in ambient light sensor adjusts to the brightness of the room. So if you need to get up during the night, the screen’s back light won’t disrupt your bed partner. The light also turns off automatically, so you can settle back to sleep without disturbance.
  • ResScan Data Card lets your clinician change your therapy settings remotely without a visit
  • New Easy-Breathe technology – ResMed’s revolutionary new therapy system for enhanced patient breathing comfort
  • Integrated humidification
  • Comprehensive efficacy and compliance data
  • Flexible patient management options
  • Smart Data for therapy feedback
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Breath by breath compliance
  • Compact, robust design is portable and easy to use
  • 12V or 24V DC input via ResMed's optional DC-12 converter.
  • AutoRamp enhance comfort and help improve compliance
  • The AirSense 11 series includes three different models: AutoSet, CPAP and Elite
  • An easy-to-use touchscreen makes the AirSense 11 simple to understand and operate
  • Sleek, modern design that will look great by the bed
  • Simple Start/Stop button makes it easy to turn therapy on and off with a single tap
  • Includes access to ResMed myAir, an online support program and app that uses data from your machine to let you know how you slept the night before, and provide tailored coaching tips and encouragement
  • myAir's Personal Therapy Assistant guides you through equipment setup, helping you troubleshoot common issues and get used to therapy
  • Care Check-In gives you coaching and assistance tailored to meet your personal needs
  • Availability of over-the-air upgrade capability gives you the opportunity to directly receive maintenance and feature updates
  • Integrated heated humidifier can be controlled manually or automatically with the Climate Control feature
  • AutoRamp™ feature delivers a low airflow pressure to help you fall asleep, then steadily increases to your prescribed level
  • Expiratory pressure relief (EPR™) maintains regular airflow pressure while you inhale and reduces pressure to make it easier when exhaling

Integrated humidification

A unique dual-spiral action enables the humidifier to efficiently humidify the air delivered to the patient's airway during CPAP therapy.


ResMed’s new AutoRamp feature with sleep onset detection delivers a low pressure to help you fall asleep with ease. Once you’re asleep, your device comfortably ramps up the pressure to ensure the prescribed level is delivered the moment you need it.

Advanced event detection

The AirSense 11 AutoSet differentiates between obstructive and central apneas so you can be confident that you are always receiving appropriate therapy.

AirSense™ 11 AutoSet Support

Like your own sleep coach, our new online program, myAir,™ provides support during every stage of your treatment journey. By giving you access to your therapy data, it lets you continually track your progress and see how well you’re doing. Emails or text messages can also provide helpful education and encouragement to support you along the way. As you mark your successes and celebrate your milestones with awards and badges, you’ll stay motivated to keep going.

Whisper-quiet motor

Setting a new industry standard in quiet therapy and comfort,ResMed’s new sophisticated motor design delivers superior performance at a lower effort while cutting device noise significantly. By reducing noise, Easy-Breathe technology enables patients and their bed partners to sleep peacefully through the night.

Easy-Breathe technology

Easy-Breathe technology combines new software, a quieter motor and improved EPR for maximum comfort and a quiet night’s sleep. With Easy-Breathe technology, EPR is integrated with AutoSet technology for pressure relief that continually adjusts to patients’ pressure needs, breath by breath.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating pressure range: 4-20 cm H2O
  • Operating Sound Levels: 27 dBA (Average)

Data Storage
  • Data includes usage, leak, AHI, events and pressure.
  • Via cable: 365 sessions of summary data, five sessions of detailed data.
  • SD Data Card: 180 sessions of summary data, five sessions of detailed data.
  • Data also available via the LCD menu. For clinicians only


  • 3.72" x 10.21" x 5.45" Inches with Chamber; 3.72" x 9.32" x 5.45" with Optional Side Cover (Approximate)
  • Weight ­ Flow generator: 40 ozs with Chamber

Power supply input range
  • 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz. 
  • Please refer to the User´s Manual for details about power consumption values for typical treatment conditions.

Housing construction
  • Flame retardant engineering thermoplastic
  • Operating temperature:+41°F to +104°F (+5°C to +40°C)
  • Air filter Two-layered, powder-bonded, polyester non-woven fibre
  • Air tubing Flexible plastic, 6"6’ (2 m) length
  • Classification Class II (double insulated), Type CF IPX1 US FCC Part 15, Class B*& IEC 60601-1
*Consult the medical department of the carrier before using on an aircraft.

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