ResMed CPAP repair - S8 Escape / S8 Elite / S8 Auto / S8 VPAP

Posted by Advans CPAP Staff on 9/14/2018 to Articles
ResMed CPAP Repair

The ResMed CPAP machines we can repair are the units listed below.

  • S8 Compact
  • S8 Escape 
  • S8 Elite
  • S8 Auto
  • S8 VPAP
  • S9 Escape
  • S9 Elite
  • S9 Auto
  • S9 VPAP
  • Airsense 10 Elite
  • Airsense 10 Auto
  • Aircurve 10 VPAP

The ResMed S8 CPAP line of machines were made starting in 2005 and continuing through 2009.  The early models had issues with smoking and a crackling sound from where the power cord plugged into the cpap.  This was caused from constant pulling on and off the plug which will break loose the internal connections.  If you experience this issue with your S8 CPAP, immediately stop using it as it may be a fire hazard.  This issue is something we can repair.  On later units, this problem was remedied with a more robust input design.  

How about this?  Your S8 CPAP once plugged in, the display will light up, but when you try and turn it on, you get no air.  After so many years of pressing the start / stop button on/ off, the keypad will eventually wear out and no longer respond to your presses.  It will take more and more tries to turn your unit on and off. One day it won't respond at all.  People eventually end up pulling the plug in the back to just to get them to turn off.  We can repair this as well.

If you have a humidifier attached to the front of the machine and sometimes forget to remove it in the morning after getting up, it will cause problems down the line.  The issue is it stays there all day with water in it.  If this happens time and time again, water will eventually evaporate just enough to go back into your ResMed S8 CPAP's internal components.  When there is enough damage done, the CPAP will develop some symptoms.  One problem is pressure fluctuation.  The air pressure will increase or decrease  randomly or be too high or too low.  Your unit may no longer have auto on or auto off when the mask is removed or put on.  The CPAP may become louder or noisier as well.  These problems can be repaired.

Sometimes the ResMed S8 screen will not light up at all and the display will be blank.  That means there is no power going through the CPAP.  There could have a been a power surge or the unit was plugged into an incorrect power source.  The unit is dead and cannot be used. This doesn't mean it is to be thrown away and is junk.  Give us a call.  We can service the CPAP to function just like new.  

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