Respironics CPAP Masks

Respironics CPAP Masks are designed with both patients and clinicians in mind. Not only are the masks comfortable for patients to wear, they also fit into your daily routine. For instance, by offering a wide range of masks, including masks for very specialized uses, the Respironics CPAP mask gives you the ability to help fit 100% of patients 100% of the time.

The Respironics CPAP Masks are packaged in bags that feature integral fitting rings - so you can get an idea of a patient's fitting needs without taking the mask out of the bag.

Each Respironics CPAP mask has been engineered to use fewer parts than competitive CPAP masks. This makes them easier for patients to clean and care for, and it means you'll have to stock fewer replacement parts.

The size range of Respironics CPAP masks has been refined to satisfy a broad range of patients' fitting needs with a minimum of sizes. This makes the initial fitting process easier.

And since all the nasal and Respironics full face masks in the mask line are 100% latex free, the entire line of masks is available to all.

Providing you with innovative sleep and respiratory products is just one way that Respironics nasal and full face mask works with you to help improve care.

Update: 02-13-2014. Other than their ComfortGel Blu nasal mask, Respironics CPAP masks seems to have a recent trend of developing masks with the "less is more" approach. Less replacement parts, less adjustment for a true custom fit and less overall patient satisfaction. We have noticed the quality in air cushion sealing properties spiral downwards and normally do not recommend them for their given price points.